Our purpose and vision at JLP PRODUCTIONS is to provide you the creative artists with the tools you will need to have a succesful music career.

     At JLP productions we can help you on many different levels.


1.  Song composition.   We can help you get your songs to the next level or complete and idea.  Either through a visit here in the studio or via skype we have helped writers and or artists like yourself get their songs completed.


2. Recording.  We can either have your tracks prerecorded before your arrival if you are a vocalist with pre arrange and recorded tracks using some of Nashville's finest musicians  or if you are a band we can record you as a group or individually or a combination of the two.  Remember this is a real studio, drum room, guitar room, vocal booth and piano room. A real analog console and top of the line studio grade equipment.


3.  Mixing.  We would love to mix your project (prices would be given after listening to the project, checking the number of tracks and the length of the songs.)  Of coarse if you tracked everything here then the mixing budget would be included in the orginal quote.


4.  Mastering.  This step is vital in completing your project for distribution. Staring at $30.00 a song. Mastering unifies the the different tracks sonically, whether it is e.q. sound or volume.  The dynamics between each song is adjusted and song order of the CD that will be ready for manufacturing as a DDP file.  You will also get your songs in MP3 and I-tunes format.


5.  We can also get your project distributed to 15 different digital vendor sites on the internet.  This is an additional service but with the complete project package it will be included.