JLP studio is a professional recording studio located in Franklin, TN. featuring the best of both

vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music Is our passion, we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.

STUDIO TIME: $75 per hour (Engineer incl.)
MIXING: Call for a Quote
MASTERING: $75 per song
MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

This is a per hour rate if you want to work quickly.  If you work longer hours a day the rate can adjust all the way to 60 dollars per hour for a 10 hour day.  This includes the studio equipment and a engineer. 

Even if you didn't record your tracks with us we would love to Mix your project.  The determination of the cost is evaluated per individual project.  It will determined by number of tracks, length of songs and the amount of work needed to make your project something that you will be excited about.  Our aim is to make sure you want to come back again.

We would love to master your project.  Whether it is a project recorded here or something you have completed elsewhere,we would love to help finish the project and put the polish on it that mastering does.  Normal cost is around 50 dollars per song but is adjustable and longer songs would require a higher mastering cost because of the time it takes to master them. 

And Yes,  We would be honored and delighted to be involved with producing your project.  JLP productions owner John Lawry has many Grammies, Dove Awards and and in 2014 the SESAC Leagcy Award. He brings the knowledge and experience of a  successful music career spanning more the 30 years to your project.  He keeps current and embraces each project with passion and a desire to make it the best it can be.  A full music productions package can include, songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering and also complete digital distribution.


                   JLP Productions www.johnlawryproductions.com  615 802 8560