At JLP Recording Studio you will find great gear, a big professional control room, piano room, guitar room, drum room and vocal booth.

Also there is a comfortable lounge to relax in separate from the control room where you can relax or do business. 

There is free wifi access for your business needs.


The picture on the right is the control room featuring the Raindirk Analog Recording Console.  Raindirk consoles have recorded some of the most amazing recordings and artists in history.


To find out more about the amazing Raindirk console

push the button below for a link to the Raindirk Site:




State-of-the-Art Equipment

Multiple tracking rooms


Utilizing the latest technology.  JLP productions uses the new Protools HDX system. The lastest Avid recording system.
Analog console is a custom built analog console built in England.  Many bands and artists have recorded on a Raindirk console.  There are only a handful in the U.S.
JLP studios has a wide collection of microphones to fit every need.  Dynamic, Fet, Tube microphones by many different manufacturers.
Martech Mic pre  (world famous for vocal recording) Avalon 747, Alan Smart c2 stereo compressor, summit mic pre, rosetta 200 and 800 converters plus the Avid Hdx analog i.o.,  Trident A range mic pre, Ward Beck Mic pres, Telefunken mic pre's. Summit tpa 200 mic pre's, Vac Rac tube compressors, and additional compressors, mic pre's and sound processing equipment.
Featuring Adam A77x monitors, Tannoy Gold Line wall monitors with hafler transnova 9505 power amplifier. Also Adam A7 nearfields.  Multi channel monitor system up to 16 different channels for  each tracking monitor locations plus multiple headphone cue system for a choir.
Protools HDX , also Ravenscroft 250 digital piano, Ivory Piano Library, Large sample libraries, with many orchestral instruments plus many more.
Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Yamaha C[70 Hammond B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes.  Roland vr760,  Korg Kronos, Yamaha Motif xs, Yamaha kx88.  Lync LN4 controller. Hohner Melodica, Accordian. Several vintage outboard keyboard modules.